Call a gauger

The most important details such as architecture, structure of building, customers’ requirements and useful recommendations of professional will be taken into account during windows measurement. Only right measurement guarantees safety, usability and functionality of ready product during its installation and further operation.


Delivery service

Safety: every item is placed into individual protective packaging that guarantees safe transportation and keeping.
Terms: we deliver all orders within the agreed period, and inform our clients about precise time of delivery in advance.
High quality service:  choosing our company you always win because we do everything to make you satisfied with our services.


Dismantling of old window

Our well-skilled and experienced professionals pay attention to the smallest detail of the process. We promise you no damage work with ultimate satisfaction of your needs. Don’t worry about carefulness and neatness during our work, cleaning after ourselves is one of the most important rules for us.


Work of any complexity

Impossible tasks do not exist for us, that’s why we propose you glazing of cottages, countryside houses and whatever you want getting down to the business of any complexity. We use both standard and non-standard constructions that enable us to perform our work not only thoroughly, but also creatively.



During installation process our installers take into account all technical characteristics of windows and building, remove your old window, insulate around the window for energy saving, install new window in place of old one and adjust it to ensure you comfort during being at home. Of course we’ll clean after ourselves, so that you have only to enjoy new windows.


Disposing of building waste

Cleaning is an important factor of our work and we always keep a place of our work clean. That’s why we propose you to dispose all building waste by our own strength. We’ll pack it into bags and take it into the street, of course if you don’t want to save your old window. No mess, no dirt, no damage. Trust us with this work.