Basement Windows

Replace Your Old Basement Windows

Most of homeowners try to preserve their house, either for private use or with the hope that one day might even sell it. However, most of them tend to forget all about their basement windows and how to replace them when the time is right. You have to be extra careful and cautious when it comes to this matter and be aware of any possible corrosion. If you spot any leaks or drafts, then it is definitely the time to replace your old basement windows. You can choose among many different options when it comes to the style and material of your next windows. There is one material tough that will offer you the ultimate protection against any physical or human threat. Vinyl windows are perfect for your basement’s renovation.

Correct Measurements and Other Requirements

Before you begin the replacement of your basement windows, there is a very important step that you must not ignore. Taking the right measurements is the first and most important step of the whole task. If you fail to properly measure them, then you will end up with the wrong window frames and far beyond your estimated budget!
>Another important factor is the time period of guarantee that the provider will offer you. When it comes to basement windows, you don’t want to end up replacing them every year. You want strong materials and the guarantee of a well-known brand. You may end up paying more, but it will save you the money of additional repairs or even replacements in the future.

Specific Style

Now, your basement windows need to fit properly with the rest of the house’s style and at the same time serve some functional matters as well. You must select windows that allow the few sun rays enter your basement in the warm summer months. The windows must protect the house’s substructures from mold and other unpleasant factors. Last but not least, like any other point of possible entry in your house, basement windows are also another way for potential criminals to break into your basement.

How to Actually Replace your Basement Windows

Assuming you have already paid attention to the previous tips, it is time to start working on the actual replacement. First, you need to remove all sashes from the existing windows. Pull out all window frames, and simply place the new window in the openings. Should you face any difficulties, use proper tools to widen the window opening? Be sure to secure the windows and screw the frames firmly. A nice tip is to use some all-purpose silicone that will be able to caulk every side of the window frame against extreme weather conditions.

Don’t forget to apply a high-quality urethane spray in all window sills to prevent any unwanted moisture. Finally, when the spray is all dried out, use a fine coat for the exterior of your new basement windows. These few simple steps will guide you through this mini project, especially if this is your first attempt.